Everest Floor Solutions offer a cost-effective solution to most of the modern day space constraints. So next time you are planning to add up a mezzanine floor or want to put up a raised floor to accommodate plumbing and electrical services or extend a deck floor on your terrace or roof top think of Everest Floor Solution as these are quick and easy to install with minimum disruption to your existing set up .

This unique dry construction technique is a superior solution to wet reinforced cement concrete floor construction being 50% lighter in weight and 4 times faster to complete for medium to heady UDL (uniformly distributed load ) . Everest Floor Solutions are made of Everest Floor Boards (regular or Heavy Duty) with suitable framework of steel or timber and best suited for places with moderate traffic load .Due to the inherent properties of Everest Floor Boards are resistant to sustained exposure to moisture / water leakages and accept a wide range of surface finishes (like Vinyl , Ceramic/ Vitrified , Marble Tiles – making them ideal solution for a wide range of modern residential and commercial installations .

Once installed as per Everest Floor Solutions Manual using Everest Heavy Duty Floor Board – you can even achieve durable low maintenance light weight Flooring under Heavy Traffic Load (steel decking for Industrial Applications) allowing the designer / engineer to have the finish of their choice .


  • Offices and showrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Hub Rooms
  • Power Plants
  • Pharmacies
  • Sever Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Air Traffic Controls
  • Laboratories
  • Casinos
  • Computer Labs

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