Heavy Duty Boards

Whenever your concern is prolonged exposure to weathering elements like sun, rain, heavy wind and UV rays think of Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards as a durable time tested solution. Everest Heavy Duty Cement Boards help create walls which are impact resistant, floors which are dynamic load bearing and façade claddings which requires minimal maintenance. These special purpose Cement Boards are ideally suited for both industrial & commercial applications as they are exceptionally stable in dimension against prolonged exposure to fire and toxic environment besides with standing to high wind pressure. Everest Heavy Duty Boards are perfect solution for all kinds of internal wet area lining especially in the residential segment as they are resistance to damages caused by permanent dampness or see pages in plumbing networks.

areas of applications

  • Braced Wall (Structural Load Bearing) – Internal and External
  • External Wall- Against High Wind Resistant
  • Commercial Industrial Flooring
  • Wet Area Lining – Kitchen, Bathrooms
  • Internal Walls – High traffic/Impact prone areas Residential/Commercial/Industrial

finishing choices

Technical Specifications of Heavy Duty Cement Board
Size mm 3050×1220, 2745×1220,
Thickness mm 4,6,9 & 12
Standard Weight kg/mm2 ISO 8336/ IS 14862 9.24 for 6mm
Edge Profile Square, Bevelled
Apparent Density (Dry) kg/mm3 ISO 8336/ IS 14862 > 1500
Impact Strength (Charpy Method) kg/mm2 ASTM D 256 9.0 for 6mm,
12.0 for 9mm
Minimum Modulus of Rupture (MOR)
(at EMC)
Mpa, N/mm2 ISO 8336/ IS 14862 21.2
Minimum Modulus of Rupture (MOR) Mpa, N/mm3
(in wet conditions)
Mpa, N/mm2 SO 8336/ IS 14862 15.7
Screw Withdrawal Strength (Face) N IS 2380, Part XIV 2000
Thermal Conductivity at 50oC
(Mean Temperature)
W/mK ASTM C518 0.163
Linear Coefficient of thermal expansion mm/mm/0C ASTM C696 9.4×106
pH Value 9-10
Acoustic Insulation dB BS 2750 35 for 9mm
Moisture Content (at EMC) 6 to 8%
Adhesion/ Lamina Bond Strength Mpa, N/mm2 ASTM D 1037 2.1